Life in Pictures: David Hallberg

It is never too late to be what you might have been.
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Mark Isaiah Hora
Mass Communication Graduate
Baguio City

" What I love about being a Pinoy is that I reside in the Philippines. Though not economically booming, Philippines is considered rich and is overflowing in loving, ever-caring, thoughtful, happy and forgiving, handsome and beautiful gorgeous people”.





Happy birthday Naomi! The Queen of The Runway @ Versace Spring/Summer 1999

Our actual experience of the Potipot Island was on our second day in Zambales. You may check the beach on our pictures below. The island is truly serene and quite virgin. You must experience it as soon as possible before some rowdy people exploit it and commercialize the whole island. Read more at

 One thing I have realized in blogging, maybe you guys as well, is that blogging at your own convenience, like what I am doing, might leave your blog in a hiatus once or twice or more. Well, I got a life to balance and to live and I believe that it’s the way it should be, for me. Life isn’t always about ups and good times. Sometimes you have to pause and go on a low note. All the good music must be that way because if music are constantly on a high note and pitch, it must be irritating and painful to the ears. READ FOR MORE at